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We get a lot of questions through our Ask the Hair Advisor page, and one in particular that we see asks about thinning hair edges and how to help one’s hair edges grow back.  This is the type of hair loss that usually results from traction alopecia and is often seen in women who use relaxers, hair braiding, ponytails, or other pulling styles. It’s certainly a big issue, especially for women, and we hope that we can provide you some tips and advice to decrease your worrying and tackle the problem of thinning edges.


First, you’ll need to assess WHY your hair has been losing its edges. If you have a history of doing tight styles, or having hairbands constantly around your hair line/temple region, it may be best to give your hair time to breathe.  Whatever stress your hair has been receiving, make sure to remove that so your scalp can heal appropriately.  At night, there shouldn’t be anything tight on your hairline and try your best to keep from pulling back your hair or extensions.  Also, if you are one to play with your hair a lot, you should refrain from this as well.  Be honest with yourself about how your hair habits may be affecting your hair edges.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils can promote hair growth- the ones we would recommend are rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil.  You can mix these essential oils together in a base of olive oil, castor oil, or another oil of your choosing and rub the oil on the areas of your scalp that need it.  The mix can be 2-5% of each essential oil for benefit.  Vitamin E oil is more expensive but can be also used to massage in those areas and may have some benefits for hair re-growth.  Peppermint oil and lemon oil are also good for supporting healthy hair growth.  Please note that we’re not suggesting that by putting this in your hair, your hair will double in growth each month or that this is a “miracle” hair growth formula.   These oils are helpful for repairing the scalp, decreasing irritation, stimulating follicles, etc which are all needed for an environment of good health.


You can also take a few minutes while watching TV or doing some other activity to massage that area on your scalp that has demonstrated loss with those oils or even without oils.  Massaging encourages blood flow circulation which is helpful for growth and repairing damage to help grow hair edges.

Things Take Time

One thing you’ll need is Time.  Be wary of drugs or products that guarantee miraculous hair growth; it took time to lose the edges, it will take time to repair them.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a natural solution that is very quick; your hair really will need time to repair and grow fuller.  Yes, it is a pain to lose edges and it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing look, but if you can, try styles that will not enhance the thinning and will minimize the appearance.

See Your Doctor

We also recommend seeing a dermatologist if the hair loss or thinning hair edges are seriously troubling you.  He or she can evaluate your hair and scalp and determine if there are other underlying issues that are affecting your hair growth or furthering your thinning edges.  Infections, such as contact dermatitis, can cause lesions or serious damage on the scalp and prevent hair re-growth.  It can be treated with corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, which your physician will prescribe to you.


And lastly, a healthy diet is always a crucial key to a healthy body.  If you nourish your body with the appropriate minerals, vitamins, and necessary nutrients, it will have the tools to repair itself and support healthy hair growth!


So, those are our tips and thoughts on how to repair your hair edges and thinning hair causes.  You are also free to try hair supplements, although much debate has encircled that topic.  What do you think? Have you had successes with edge repair through means not included on this list? Leave comments, we love them!

Thanks for reading! 😀

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